The first car with a 6-cylinder engine - the Chevrolet Classic-Six, invented the illustrious Chevrolet racer on the instructions of General Motors. The glory of the company brought the release of budget models that are reliable. In 2002, a revolution in the history of the brand takes place, and the Chevrolet becomes part of the GM DAT. Most Korean cars are manufactured under the brand name Chevrolet Dat. Bestseller line - Cruze. Since 2009, it is the best-selling model in the world. Among pickups, the Silverado model became the most popular.

    According to Chevrolet statistics, the best-selling brand (209 million cars). The company's market share is constantly growing. The 2011 figure is 6.39%. The main characteristics are manufacturability and accessibility.

  • Engine legend - V8 small block;
  • first airbag;
  • victory of the Corvette in racing.

    A wide range of machines operating on ethanol, electricity, natural gas, hydrogen.

    Sales growth is observed in the USA, Turkey, China, Germany, Russia. Cars are produced in 35 countries of the world. Popular modern models of the brand - Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Trailblazer (based on the Colorado pickup truck).