The German concern produces freight transport, vans and cars. The history of Volkswagen began in 1933. By 1953, the brand was exported to 150 countries. Production is dispersed in Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Australia.

Volkswagen is the largest VAG concern (Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft), which includes Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Porshe, Bentley. Factories are located in 15 countries of the world. The legendary model of the Volkswagen Beetle brand or “hippy mobile”. You can also note the world bestseller - Volkswagen Golf (2 times became the car of the year in Europe and the world). Auto has secured record sales of the brand throughout history. Another legend is the Volkswagen Beetle.

Brand features in style, reliability, low price and interior comfort. In 2007, the Volkswagen plant was opened in Russia (Kaluga). The most popular models of the brand:

  • 5-door hatchback Polo;
  • Hatchback Golf;
  • Passat. In the 8th generation, a hybrid model appeared.

Interesting facts: Volkswagen appeared with the participation of Ferdinand Porsche. In the engineering laboratory of the brand, a motor for the Bugatti was created. The car has a speed of 432 km / h, and it is the fastest car in the world.