Nissan brand history began in 1911 with the Kwaishinsha Co. The date of formation of the brand Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., is considered to be 1933. The first cars were exported to America, Asia, Australia. In 1951, the first all-wheel drive SUV appeared - Patrol. In 1958, cars were already exported to the United States. The brand’s difference is the use of brakes with an amplifier, reducing the weight of the car due to the use of highly elastic sheet steel.

A popular brand has become a pioneer in the development and application of CAD / CAM systems. Nissan cars have repeatedly become the best, won the title of the safest. Nissan holds a patent for lightweight electric batteries for electric vehicles. Record sales were recorded in 2010 - 4.185 million cars. The brand is one of the three largest companies in Japan. Factories are scattered around the world. Modern enterprises are located in Mexico, the USA, South Africa, and Great Britain.

Popular models:

  • Fuga sedan;
  • Leaf;
  • Silvia (with automatic opening of the roof);
  • Cima (Fugue modification).