The Swedish company has been manufacturing cars since 1927. Since 2010, the brand has become part of the Geely Automobile holding. Headquarters - The apartment is located in Gothenburg (Sweden). In 2015, more than 500,000 Volvo cars were sold worldwide. The best-selling model was the Volvo XC60. The largest export markets are Sweden, China, USA, Germany, Great Britain.

Manufacturers constantly experimented with the technical equipment of the car. Installed new filters in the cabin with a self-cleaning system. Introduced DSTC Stabilization, an advanced seat belt system. The main production facilities are located in Sweden, China, Belgium. The basic concept of the brand is that beauty must be combined with functionality. The taillights are Volvo's exclusive design. Scandinavian-style interior and ergonomic signature seats. In 2005, Volvo became SUPERBRANDS.

Modern models:

  • The mid-size crossover XC60. In 2016, 131,000 cars were sold;
  • S60 sedan with independent suspension;
  • Compact three-door hatchback C30.