Toyota is a famous brand in the world producing modern Japanese cars. He is also part of the Toyota Group. The brand’s history begins with the manufacture of automated weaving machines. And in 1935, he produced the first gas-powered car and truck. Export to North China has begun. Factories are under construction, technical indicators of units are being improved. In 2007, Toyota exported more cars than GM. In 2012, the brand was again in 1st place, ahead of Volkswagen and GM. The company's net profit for 2018 amounted to $ 2.493 trillion.

Advantages of a car brand:

  • The correct and high-quality assembly. The enterprises have total control;
  • the body is checked at 500 control points;
  • built-in air ionizer; - adaptive lighting system;
  • Addition to IDDS in the form of a reduction in engine speed when deviating;
  • LED optics;
  • In the line of cars there are hybrid models.

Popular Toyota cars:

  • full-size pickup Tundra;
  • Alphard;
  • Sai hybrid sedan.