The company is part of the BMW AG division. Rolls-Royce cars are luxury cars. The company was founded in 1904. The reputation of the first cars has taken off after the brand's participation in races. The brand also went down in history when the representative of the first chassis. In 2003, the brand was transferred to the BMW concern. The record on sales was fixed in 2011 - 3538 cars. By the way, the grille was made manually. All the details were polished by the hands of the workers as well. Modern engines are more often produced at the factory in Munich.

The most important markets for the brand are China and the United States. 40% of cars go to America. Rolls-Royce is also exported to Europe and the Middle East. The brand sells more than a hundred cars a year. The main features of the brand are beauty and reliability.

Modern Rolls-Royce:

  • Cullinan SUV (2018). Luxury design in the best traditions of the brand;
  • Cabriolet Dawn (2016). Can press 570 l/s.;
  • Wraith sports coupe (2013). Fastest car in the line with air suspension.