Mercedes Benz

In 1902, Mercedes-Benz became the official brand of DMG. The first car was racing. The company expanded production, producing engines for airplanes, boats. In 1926, during the merger, Daimler-Benz appeared. Mercedes returns to the car race. Currently, the lineup of Mercedes is very large. The company produces vans, buses, trucks and cars of various modifications. Mercedes-Benz 260 D is the first car with a diesel engine. Headquarters - The apartment is located in Germany (Stuttgart).

Popularly, Mercedes cars are called not killed, for their durable body and reliable engine. The brand also owns the creation of an innovative electro-hydraulic brake system. According to data for 2014, the brand ranked 2nd among car manufacturers, behind Toyota. In the world ranking, where all brands are represented, Mercedes is on the 10th line. The company's assets for 2018 amounted to $ 281.619 billion.

Popular cars:

  • sedan / station wagon Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class;
  • sedan Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class;
  • crossover Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.