Fabbrica Automobili Lancia was founded in 1906. The office is located in Turin (Italy). The first model was called tipo 51. The brand is positioned as a manufacturer of stylish and elegant cars, as well as military equipment, buses, and trucks. In 1969, the brand was absorbed by FIAT. Brand cars have an attractive design and good performance. On the cars of Liangchia, one of the first was installed electric lighting. In 1921, the brand launches the first car with a supporting body and independent suspension. The mechanism connecting the frame and the engine was also patented. This technology has eliminated vibration when driving.

The history of the company has 10 victories in the Rally and prizes in Formula 1. Thanks to prestigious racing competitions, the Lancia Delta has gained wide popularity. The brand is now launching the third generation Lancia Delta. The car speeds up to 190 km / h. Another popular respectable car is the Lancia Thema. Another famous model is Ypsilon.

Cars were successfully exported to the USA, Japan, Great Britain. In 2014, it was decided to narrow the geography of sales for the Italian domestic market.