In 1903, the small Ford Motor Company was formed. Now the brand is one of the three largest car manufacturers in the world. The first models appeared - Ford "A" and "T". Machines were in demand for their reliability and availability. Nowadays, a wide range of cars in different configurations is produced. Factories and representative offices are scattered all over the world: - Great Britain; - Austria; - Germany; - France; - Denmark; - South Africa; - Argentina.

Initially, all the first Ford cars were produced exclusively in black. Over the years the brand existed, the company created new brands, but not all took root. The production of Linkoln machines was successful. Even in the USSR, GAZ cars were produced on the Ford platform. The company owns shares of Mazda Motor Corporation, Kia Motors Corporation. The average annual revenue of the brand is more than 10 billion US dollars. The most popular models: Ford Explorer SUV, Ford Explorer and the most beloved car in Russia - Ford Focus. Ford Fiesta is recognized as the most economical (low gas consumption). Brand Advantages: - hotlichny brake system; - roomy trunk; - high-quality factory painting; - good handling; - inexpensive parts.