The first Fiat automobile manufacturing plant appeared in Corso Dante (1900). What is noteworthy, the first 24 cars did not have a reverse gear. In 1908, the company moved to the United States, where it changed its name to Fiat Automobile Co. In addition to passenger cars, the brand begins to produce military, trucks, urban transport. And Fiat racing models participate in competitions, setting records. Fiat: - No.1 eco-friendly brand in Europe

Fiat production is established in Russia, Brazil, the USA, France, Poland, Mexico, and of course, Italy. Popular Model - Fiat Albea. In the European market, the car is found in 3 trim levels.

A feature of the brand is its environmental friendliness. For 5 years in a row, Fiat cars have been showing the lowest carbon footprint.

Company development in this path: - TwinAir turbo gasoline engine; - system: EcoDrive.

All eco-innovations of the brand go under the Air Technologies logo. Fiat cars were recognized as the best in Europe 12 times. They own the introduction of a ventilation and heating system. Car enthusiasts emit a Fiat Linea sedan, with an increased wheelbase. Fiat Bravo and Grand Punto are also in demand.