The origins of the company begin with the design of engines for aviation. After the war, the brand produces motorcycle engines. In 1923, the first motorcycle was produced, which set a speed record. The company switched to the motor industry, and later began to produce cars. Before the outbreak of World War II, the brand was again engaged in the production of aircraft engines. The Germans lost, and BMW was on the verge of bankruptcy. The factory in Munich survived, where the production of sports cars was concentrated. In 1952, the first car appeared - model 501. Curved glass and light parts became the highlight of the brand. As a result, the doors, trunk and hood were made using aluminum.

The brand has taken over MINI (a small car manufacturer) and Rolls-Royce Motors. Auto brands are highly comfortable. There is the fastest model in the lineup - BMW 118i. In 2018, the company's assets amounted to $ 15 billion. Currently, BMW's policy is to produce electric cars that do not pollute the environment. Also, auto assembly is done manually, with subsequent computer diagnostics. Advantages of the brand: cars with excellent cross-country ability, an effective braking system, minimal rolls when cornering, good noise insulation. The best modern models of the BMW 6 Series, BMB X6 and X5.