The company sells Opel cars in the UK, only under its own brand. Vauxhall belongs to the General Motors holding. The history of the company began in 1857 with the release of units for ships and tugboats. The next milestone in history is the production of cars. In 1903, the brand produces a sports car. Vauxhall cars have become winners in many car races. The brand's innovation was the release of cars with hydraulic brakes. The headquarters of the company is located in Luton.

The next phase came in 1970, when the brand entered into an agreement with Opel. Most of the models were assembled with restyling. Today Vauxhall operates in Ellesmere Potru, producing cars and vans.

Brand features: fully galvanized body, two airbags (airbag), enhanced braking system (with ABS), energy-absorbing side parts.

Modern Vauxhall models:

  • Adam (2013-2019);
  • Agila (2008-2019);
  • Astra (2009-2019) - 22 generations of this model have been released in history;
  • Combo (2001-2019) - the second generation of cars.