The company was founded in 1915. It was engaged in the production of aircraft for Japan. The first car brand Subaru came out in 1954. Next, they released the Subaru 1000. This is the first car in Japan with front-wheel drive. Later, the company introduced turbocharged engines into its cars. This was followed by a series of light sports cars in the station wagon with the potential of an SUV. Headquarters - the apartment is located in the city of Ota (Japan).

In early 2018, Subaru became part of EV CA Spirit. The brand is loved by athletes and youth for its maneuverability and easy control.


  • proprietary all-wheel drive system;
  • boxer engine;
  • reliable suspension;
  • monocoque body structure.

The company now has 9 plants on different continents. The annual volume is more than 500 thousand cars. Subaru cars get 5 stars on the Australian NCAP tests.

Popular Subaru Models: - crossover XV (second generation); - Sports sedan Impreza WRX STI; - Updated crossover Tribeca with proprietary all-wheel drive; - Full-size sedan Legacy B4.