The Swedish automobile company has been producing passenger cars since 1937. At first, the brand produced aircraft for the Swedish Air Force. Production facilities for the creation of future cars were concentrated in the city of Trollhattan. The first Saab 91 was launched in 1949. In subsequent years, the model was reworked. The first car ready for export was the Saab 96. Production of cars with a self-healing bumper, shockproof beams on the side doors and a streamlined windshield began with it.

Innovation or what Saab brand is remembered for:

  • ventilated brake discs;
  • shockproof door beams.

Since 2000, the brand has come under the patronage of General Motors. Bad times began for the company. In 2008 alone, the brand lost $ 340 million. In 2012, rights to Saab go to National Electric Vehicle Sweden. The main export market is China. The lineup included sports cars, business-class cars and special equipment. In 2016, the concern refused to use the Saab trademark.

Modern brand models:

  • Saab 9-3 on the Opel Vectra platform;
  • Saab 9-5.