The German brand is part of the General Motors concern. The brand was founded in 1983. At first, it produced bicycles. The creation of the first Opel car was in 1989. Auto Lutzman Opel had 1 cylinder, and the engine was located under the seat. The bulk of the production focused on small cars. Opel cars took part in races, taking prizes. After 1929, the brand opens representative offices in China, Japan, South America. In addition to passenger cars, the company took up the production of trucks, focusing on ease of assembly.

The auto-best-selling brand-name car is called the Opel Cadet 2. Opel is the first company to equip cars with catalytic converters. The brand also uses eco-friendly water-based enamels for painting cars and asbestos-free clutch discs.

Car range Opel:

  • crossovers;
  • off-road vehicles;
  • minivans;
  • hatchbacks.

Popular brand models:

  • Opel Insignia (replacement Vectra);
  • compact crossover Mokka;
  • hatchback 4 generation Astra GTC.