The legendary brand was part of General Motors. The first plant appeared in Michigan. The brand was the first to start producing gasoline cars of increased volume. The first car was called - Curved Dash. Oldsmobile is also the first to offer the world a 4-speed Hydramatic automatic gearbox. In 1962, a turbocharged engine appeared. Cars of this brand have won prizes in car racing. Oldsmobile 88 was even tacitly called the "King of NASCAR." The legendary Oldsmobile 442 will live forever in songs, books and films.

In the 90s, the brand was successful, but gradually the demand for models fell. The latest creation of the Oldsmobile brand is the Bravada SUV. The car rolled off the assembly line in April 2004.

Popular models of the Oldsmobile line:

  • 1996 Achieva sedan (updated version);
  • Compact car 1999 Alero. In Europe is called Chevrolet;
  • Aurora middle class sedan (2001 / second generation);
  • SUV Bravada with a modern design and roomy interior.