The company was founded in 1920. At first, the company produced building materials from balsa wood. Later, industrial production began. Mazda presents a test batch of motorcycles, machine tools. In 1931, the brand produces cars in a purely Japanese style. Trucks begin to export to China. The first car left the assembly line in 1960. The R360 was inexpensive and convenient. In 1968, the lineup increased and the company began exporting to Europe.

The brand’s difference was the release of models with a rotary engine and special coloring technology — Hi-Reflex. The company continues its environmental direction. Compressed gas and hydrogen models are emerging. Mazda uses recycled plastic in its production (makes bumpers). The representative office is open in Germany and Portugal. Mazda is the first company to receive the international certificate of ISO 9001. The Roadster model is in the Guinness Book of Records.

Currently, the brand exports millions of cars to 120 countries of the world. Headquarters - The apartment is located in Hiroshima (Japan).

Popular models:

  • crossover CX-7;
  • crossover RX-7;
  • crossover CX-9;
  • minivan Biante.