The luxury brand Infiniti is owned by Nissan Motors. The main goal was to introduce into the US market not only reliable and practical Japanese cars, but also prestigious ones. The first model - Infiniti Q45 was presented at an exhibition in Detroit. The car was distinguished by excellent handling, dynamics and a characteristic western design. Subsequent models are basically Nissan, only adapted for Europe and America. 51 dealerships were opened in a short time. The representative office operates in China, Europe, Russia, South Korea.

The brand lineup consists mainly of sedans, there are also SUVs and coupes. By the beginning of the 21st century, the company updated the design and technical stuffing, launching a new wave of brand popularity. The top-end Infinity model in the history of the brand is the FX crossover. In Russia, 8 models are presented. The main sales are focused on the QX50 and QX70 crossovers. Among Infinity premium brands, the 6th line in domestic statistics is assigned. In America, the brand ranked 23rd.

By the way, the QX50 crossover went down in history as the first car without a mechanical connection between the wheels and the steering wheel. The brand also plans to release powerful electric cars with e-POWER technology.