The history of the South Korean brand began in 1967. The shipbuilding company began to expand the specification. The Hyundai Motor Company holding appeared. Cars were licensed by Ford Motor Company. But in 1972, the company received permission to make cars according to its own developments. The first car is Hyundai Pony.

In 1998, two brands merged into one final product — the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. The company's lineup includes: - hatchbacks; - crossovers; - off-road vehicles; - convertibles; - minivans and minibuses.

Brand ideology — affordable price with wide functionality. Popular models are Hyunda Accent and Solaris. Cars are famous for low fuel consumption. Advantages of Honda cars — stiffer suspension and excellent shock absorbers. The bottom is covered with an anti-gravel compound. For the production of machines using steel from their own steel mills. The company introduced a lithium polymer battery. Also, the company was the first in the world to install an eight-speed gearbox on a car with rear-wheel drive.

Hyundai Motors deservedly bears the title of world leading automaker. Export covers 193 countries (China, Russia, India and others). The company also creates buses, power units.