The Japanese company was formed in 1948. Now it is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles and cars. Honda brand is in the first ten world cars. Factories are located in 14 countries of the world, in Japan, Brazil, America, India. Markets - Southeast Asia and America. The invention of the brand - A-type two-stroke engine. The ideology of the brand is the introduction of reliable and modern technologies. Honda R&D Co., Ltd and Honda Engineering Co., Ltd. are constantly analyzing the market. They love the brand for its original design, reliable and powerful motor, and a durable body.

In 1955, the company became the leader in the production of motorcycles in Japan. Since 1986, the production of premium cars begins. Accord is one of the top 10 most popular cars in the USA. The company produces gas and electricity models; engines such as ZLEV (with zero carbon emissions) are improved.

The event of March 11, 2011, destroyed the Honda Science Center (in Totig). Some of the factories in Japan have suspended operations. The damage amounted to $ 500 million.

A popular brand model is the Honda CR-Z (sports coupe). In Russia, Honda is in the 18th position of the rating. In the country most often buy Honda CR-V and SUV Pilot.