The American brand belongs to the holding company General Motors Corporation. The story began in 1901 when Grabowski founded the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. The company later withdrew GM. The brand produces pickups, vans, trucks, SUVs, cars for hunting and safaris. Territory coverage - East and North America. In 2010 alone, the company sold over 400 thousand cars. The numbers grew by 57% compared to last year.

The brand ranks second among the compound brands of General Motors, second only to the Chevrolet. The brand gained popularity thanks to the Vandura model, which appeared in the series “Team A”. Another car lit up in Transformers and the gaming industry. In 2009 (Chicago), the Acadia model was recognized as the safest for transporting animals. Popular cars are the Yukon SUV (Chevrolet Tahoe version), with improved aerodynamics. Inside the car there are ash inserts. In the states, such versions are sold under the name Denali. Another popular modern model is the GMC Canyon. By the way, GMC Tahoe cars are the basis for the Hammer H2.