Since 1967, Daewoo has been a South Korean company specializing in the production of passenger automobiles. Among its famous models are the Lanos, Matiz, and Nexia. In 2001, Daewoo became a part of the General Motors conglomerate, and later in 2011, it was renamed GM Korea.

The company was known for its efforts to create affordable and reliable cars for a wide audience. Its manufacturing facilities were located in South Korea, and it also had plants in other countries, including Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Russia. Daewoo aimed to combine functionality with an affordable price point.

Popular Models:

  • Lanos - a compact car that gained popularity for its fuel efficiency and reliability;
  • Matiz - a small city car with low fuel consumption, especially popular in the European market;
  • Nexia - a sedan that was also in demand due to its affordability and good performance.

In addition to passenger automobiles, Daewoo also produced trucks and commercial vehicles, making it an important player in the global automotive market.