The brand's history began in New England. The first car, the Cadillac Model A, was introduced in New York (1903). A little later, the brand was bought by General Motors. Cadillac's invention is a starter. It was no longer necessary to rotate the knob to power the engine. Later, on all American cars, an electric starter was installed. The second invention is the world's first gearbox with synchronizers. It was no longer necessary to squeeze the clutch 2 times when shifting gears. In 1941, the company was the first in the world to install a hydromechanical (automatic) gearbox and air conditioning on a car. The first cars were produced with increased clearance.

The Cadillac brand is an American dream, continuous development and innovation. The lineup includes crossovers, SUVs and sedans. There are two cars in the sedan class - the Cadillac CT6 and CTS. The CT6 model is recognized as the best passenger car in America, with a rich interior decoration. Cadillac for the domestic market is made in Belarus. China and Canada are the main brand markets. A recognizable and purchased SUV model is the Cadillac Escalade.