Alfa Romeo

The Italian brand produces luxury racing cars. The company was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. The consequences of the First and Second War did not go unnoticed for the history of the brand. He wandered from owner to owner until the 80s. Today, the brand is part of the Fiat Group holding. The first factory appeared in Milan. The second is in Arese. Now the large-scale territory has become ruins, but those who wish can visit the Alfa Romeo Museum.

One of the best versions of the brand is Alfa Romeo 159. Giorgetto Giugiaro worked on the design. Alfa Romeo 4C (modern classics) and Alfa Romeo 147 (2001 cars in Europe) also stand out. The highlight of the brand is its durable gasoline engines (go well with HBO). Diesel engines provide low fuel consumption. The brand is easily recognizable by its spectacular body.

Alpha sales fell 28% in the USA and Canada. Even in Europe, demand fell by 42%, but increased in China. Now in the lineup are three models of the Juliet hatchback, Julia sedan, and the Stelvio crossover. The last two cars will be updated by 2021, but in 2020 the world will lose the Juliet. Planned release of a new SUV with electric modification.