The Italian brand under the sign of "scorpion" Abarth was founded in 1949 (Turin). The leading specialization is the production of serial sports modifications Fiat, as well as the production of tuning kits. Currently, Abarth is a brand of sports cars on the Fiat platform. The brand is part of a group of companies - FCA Italy. The first car, the demand for which, exceeded all expectations - Fiat600 (engine displacement of 0.75 liters.). The car set two world records. Two modern models of the brand - Abarth Grande Punto and Abarth 500 (prototype Fiat Nuova 500), adapted for the city.

The Italian company collaborated with popular brands - Alfa Romeo and SIMCA. Now the portfolio of sports brands includes Ferrari, Maserati. The type of activity is the transformation of standard cars into racing models. Abart in the history of the company set 5 world, 113 international records. And also produced 3.5 million exhaust pipes for Italian and foreign sports cars. Brand Abarth today is known as a tuning studio or tuning company.